A review of the Husky Mini Fridge

I purchased it a few months ago, after reading this best mini fridge top. I got it from Sainsbury’s a thing that was 109 99, so 110 basically. And I got it from Sainsbury’s, the Sainsbury’s, it’s my company called Husky. They’re the world’s leading sort of fridge company. So basically if you went into Tesco’s or something and you’d see all their freezers as my bar Husky. So they’re a really good Mike. I’m not actually entirely sure on the model of this fridge. It just says Huskey on a. It doesn’t actually say the model, but that’s what I’ve got. You can get them in different sort of a mix so you can get a coca cola or so other stuff. But I’ve got budweiser as a logo, so really good fridge.

I’ll just go to my bedroom so I don’t have to go to the kitchen fridge. Sounds Lazy, but some people like it and you can store all your stuff in there and you’ve got the bottom bit as well, which you have to go to bed chocolate in some coke, Pepsi, that sort of stuff. Um, the only thing I’d say is bad about this fridge is that there’s no light inside. Um, so the flesh wasn’t on this video then. Um, it would be dark best. The only downfall where the outside. Um, but it’s really good to go. Ready to good door on it as well. Keeps obviously thing. The Heaton, not the hate, the coldness. I mean Jesus. Um, but it just sticks out. It, they can see the little Husky logo there.

You can just get an original one with nothing on. But I’m also writing a only a environmentally friendly sort of writing as you can say that. So it’s pretty decent. It holds 48 liters. I think this is not full, but I think it can hold about 50 cans maybe. I’m sure I’m flexing that it goes to 40 decibels. Nestea the sound, the noise of it. It’s not, it’s not allowed. Mini Fridge. I can’t even hear it, most of the time it was literally silent, um, to connect it all you is just a plug. You can’t really say much, but you just plug it into a, a plug. Um, and also on the back you’ve got a setting from one to five and um, basically it’s just like a normal fridge. Basically it means the coldness of the fans or the back. And in the book could I recommend you to put a furry, um, once I was using it, I’m free.

I found that the cans or the back of the fridge were starting to frost. So for that to turn it down because it was too high powered and now it works fine. It’s a quality forage. If you just wanna get it for your room. Michaela Co got the Budweiser logo on the side and if anyone’s interested then I definitely recommend it because it’s really reliable, really simple to set up. All you do is just plug it in, put it on the set in which I’d recommend that too. Afraid to die. And your wife, you can choose them. Really good is so cold. I’m so, yeah, if you’ve got any questions, so it’s been a short video, but there’s not really much to say about it other than this really good to be fair. But if you have any comments, just um, obviously put it below and um, I’ll get back to you. Thanks. And more videos coming soon both now.

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