Terms & Conditions of Participation

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Venue:                     Australian Technology Park; Locomotive St, Eveleigh, Sydney

Event Dates:           27th and 28th June 2018

Operating Hours:   9am - 7pm, 27 June 2018

9am - 4pm, 28 June 2018


Independent Brewers Association (IBA)
PO Box 2016
Dangar NSW 2309

P: +61 (0)2 4925 7785


Katherine McLean
Sponsorship and Events Manager
Independent Brewers Association

e: [email protected]
p: +61 (0)2 4925 7785
m: +61 (0)411 054 600


To exhibit at the Event, an applicant must be an Associate Member of the Organiser. The Associate Membership must remain current for the Event Dates (or renewed so that it will not expire before the Event Dates).

An application to exhibit at the Event can only be made on the official application form, which must be completed and signed. The form can be submitted by mail or email. By signing the form, the Exhibitor agrees to accept these Terms and Conditions and that they are binding and included into the contractual offer by the Exhibitor.  The Exhibitor is also responsible and liable for ensuring that the Exhibitor’s employees at the Event also adhere to these Terms and Conditions.


The Organiser is entitled in its sole discretion to accept or reject applications for stand space. The Organiser will confirm via email whether the Exhibitor’s application for stand space has been accepted.  The contract comes into force if and when the Exhibitor receives approval by email from the Organiser.

If the number of suitable applications received by the Organiser exceeds the amount of space available, admission will be decided at the discretion of the Organiser.

An Exhibitor who has failed to pay any amount outstanding to the Organiser may be excluded from admission.


Stand rental is calculated at AU$350 per m2 (GST Excl.).

  • 2m x 3m (6m2)  AU$ 2,100
  • 3m x 3m (9m2)  AU$ 3,150
  • 3m x 6m (18m2)  AU$ 6,300

Larger stand spaces can be accommodated on request.

Additional Costs:

  • Co-Exhibitors = $500
  • Fee per exposed corner = $150
  • Three phase power = $100
  • Additional Exhibitor Passes = $250

Rental Includes

  • Stand space rental
  • Venue flooring (carpet)
  • Single phase power & 1 x power point
  • 1 x chair
  • 1 x trestle table
  • Stand signage with company name
  • General cleaning of the aisles
  • General security of the exhibition hall


Each Exhibitor will be allocated a number of Exhibitor passes according to their exhibition stand size. The numbers of Exhibitor passes allocated in accordance with stand size are as follows:

  • 2m x 3m = 2 Exhibitor Passes
  • 3m x 3m = 3 Exhibitor Passes
  • 6m x 3m = 5 Exhibitor Passes

The number of passes issued is not increased by the inclusion of co-exhibitors. Additional passes are available for purchase as supply allows.

Additional Exhibitor passes can be purchased by an Exhibitor at a price of AU$250 excl. GST. Additional Exhibitor passes will only be granted for employees of the Exhibitor who are needed to work at the Exhibitor’s stand, and are not to be used for visitors to the Trade Expo.

These passes will be made out in the name of the individuals registered. They are not transferable and are only available for pickup with valid photo id. Misuse of a pass will lead to that pass being withdrawn.


Unless otherwise agreed by the Organiser, stand spaces are hired only as complete spaces and only to one contractual partner that is the ‘Principal Exhibitor’.  If the Principal Exhibitor wishes to share its stand space with another company (‘Co- Exhibitor’) and the Co-Exhibitor’s products and personnel, the Co-Exhibitor must submit an additional application to the Organiser and pay a non-refundable administration fee of AU$500 plus GST. Sharing with one or more Co-Exhibitors is subject to their applications being accepted by the Organiser (at its discretion) and the Organiser having received the Co-Exhibitor’s application form completed in full.

Co-exhibitors agree to these Terms and Conditions.  If a Co-Exhibitor breaches these Terms and Conditions then the Organiser will be entitled in its sole discretion to cancel the admission of the Principal Exhibitor and all of the Co-Exhibitors using their stand space.

The Co-Exhibitor agrees for the Principal Exhibitor to be its primary representative and for the Principal Exhibitor to act on the Co-Exhibitor’s behalf in negotiation with the Organiser. The Principal Exhibitor will receive and manage all passes associated with the stand space. Allocated Exhibitor passes are provided according to stand size, and allocation is not increased for co-exhibitors.

If a Co-Exhibitor cancels its application, the Principal Exhibitor is liable for any amount still owing by the Co-Exhibitor.


All prices are GST exclusive.

Stand rental payments are due in full by the dates shown on the respective invoice. Where an application is received on or after 25 May 2018 the Exhibitor’s invoice will be payable within two business days.

All payments are to be made in AU$ without charges, quoting invoice number. The Exhibitor may only occupy the allocated stand space after full payment of its invoice to the Organiser. The Exhibitor must provide proof of payment to the Organiser on request.


If the Exhibitor withdraws its application, cancels part of the stand space or does not participate in the Event, the Organiser is entitled to use the unused stand space (or cancelled part of the space, as the case may be) for other purposes and re-let to third parties.

If the Exhibitor cancels all or part of its stand space after its admission has been confirmed, the Exhibitor must pay the following cancellation fee:

  • More than 90 days before the start of the Event – no cancellation fee
  • Up to 90 days before the start of the Event - 50% of the Stand Rental and Additional Costs
  • Between 90 days and 30 days before the start of the Event - 80% of the Stand Rental and Additional Costs
  • Less than 30 days before the start of the Event – 100% of the Stand Rental and Additional Costs


The Organiser is entitled to cancel admission and re-let the stand space if: The stand has not been set-up and occupied by 8am 27 June 2018;

The Exhibitor fails to pay the stand rental by the date specified in the Invoice; or If the Exhibitor otherwise breaches these Terms and Conditions.

No refund will be payable where the admission has been cancelled in accordance with this clause 11.


The Organiser provides each Exhibitor and Co-Exhibitor with the following marketing services:

  • Entries in the alphabetical list of Trade Expo Exhibitors in the printed Event program
  • Internet entry on the Event website for 2018
  • Additional marketing services can be purchased and sponsorship packages are available.


The Exhibitor cannot serve beer or other alcohol products at Exhibitor stands, without written permission by the Organiser. The Organiser reserves the right to refuse requests for provision of alcohol at Exhibitor stands.

All demonstration or other activities must be confined to the limits of the exhibit stand. No Exhibitor shall assign, sublet or share its space without the consent of the Organiser. No sales activity within aisles.

Companies and organisations not assigned space within the exhibit hall are not permitted to solicit business within the exhibit area.

Exhibitors will be solely responsible for any copyrighted or royalty payments due in connection with any broadcast, performance, publication of music, or other audio or visual presentations at or arising from the exhibitor’s stand.

Operation of such devices must be arranged so the noise resulting from such demonstrations will not disturb adjacent exhibitors or their patrons.

Exhibitors are expected to have their stands neat and orderly at all times Exhibitors may not bring large machinery into the Event without the prior consent of the Organiser, in order to determine building access and floor loads. Additional costs may apply if a service provider is deemed necessary by the Organiser to accommodate larger machinery.

Failure to comply with the above requests will result in the cancellation of the Exhibitor’s contract and immediate removal of its exhibits from the show floor at the Exhibitor’s sole expense.


Exhibitors must confine their displays, materials and staff to within the space occupied by their assigned stand/s. No construction shall be allowed in the sides of any stands that would obstruct the view of adjacent stands or aisles without the consent of the Organiser. Exhibitors failing to comply with this Condition will be required to modify their stand so it complies, or otherwise remove their display from the Event and forfeit stand rental charges.

The Organiser will provide an identification sign consisting of the company name in bold letters. Order forms for additional signs and other items and service are included in the EXHIBITOR INFORMATION KIT to be provided post registration and payment of invoice.


Stands must conform to the overall layout of the Event.

Stands must be properly equipped and manned by qualified personnel at the specified times for the duration of the Event.

Stand fittings must be completed by the end of the period allowed for stand assembly and stand cleared of any packing materials. Removal of exhibits or dismantling of stands before the end of the Event is not permitted.

The approval of the Organiser is needed if stand constructions exceed the specified height limits for stands. Consent is also needed for particularly heavy exhibits. Fixing to the hall floor is not permitted.

The Exhibitor must return any equipment that has been provided to it by the Organiser, and ensure it is returned undamaged and in its original condition. The Exhibitor indemnifies the Organiser for any damage to the Organiser’s equipment, except where the equipment was damaged prior to the Exhibitor’s use and such damage was immediately notified at the time that the Exhibitor assumed control of such equipment.


All electrical equipment entering the Australian Technology Park must comply with the Australian Standards and Electricity (Consumer Safety) Act 2004 (NSW) and Electricity (Consumer Safety) Regulation 2015 (NSW).

This Act covers all electrical equipment used in the workplace, including equipment brought in to the building by contractors or third parties. The outward sign of compliance with the Act will be the equipment’s electrical test tag, compliant with relevant standards. The Organiser reserves the right to refuse any equipment used by exhibitors.

Points to note:

Electrical equipment and leads must have current test and tag or be connected to a tested and tagged Type II RCD (Residual Current Device).

Electrical equipment must be Australian Standard Compliant. Damaged or faulty equipment must not be used

Additional costs may be incurred for excess power consumption Use of double adaptors is not permitted


No dangerous goods or hazardous substances are to be brought onto the premises without the written approval from the Organiser, with the exception of therapeutic goods and cosmetics.


Any Exhibitor wishing to use LP gas or flammable liquid must seek prior approval from the Organiser, a minimum of 30 days prior to the move in. LPG cylinders, regulators and valves must not be accessible to the public and must be protected against accidental damage during its operation by being suitably tethered to prevent the cylinder from falling over. Cylinders are to be disconnected at the conclusion of each day and are to be reconnected prior to the opening the following day.

A 2.1kg AB (E) dry powder fire extinguisher is to be provided for each appliance using LP gas or flammable liquids and positioned in a readily accessible location in accordance with the appropriate Australian Standards.


The storage of gas cylinders at the Event is regulated by the Occupational Health and Safety Act 2000 (NSW) and the Occupational Health and Safety Regulation 2001 (NSW).

These regulations state that gas cylinders must not be left in a freestanding position. These rules are to be complied with in the Venue at all times.


The Organiser may request the removal of items that it believes may be dangerous, a cause of annoyance or otherwise unsuitable, or which may breach regulations. If this demand is not complied with, then the organiser may:

Remove the relevant item/s at the sole expense of the Exhibitor; and Exclude the Exhibitor from participating in a subsequent event.


Advertising of all kinds is allowed only within the stand space rented by the Exhibitor and only for products and/or services it produces or distributes.

The use of certain equipment to achieve an advertising effect by optical and/or acoustic means requires the written consent of the Organiser. The Exhibitor may only advertise outside its stand space if part of the advertising and sponsorship measures offered by the Organiser. Advertising of a political nature is not permitted.


Do not ship large shipments in advance directly to the Venue, as it does not have adequate storage facilities and will not store Exhibitor shipments. Exhibitors will receive shipping information in their EXHIBITOR INFORMATION KIT.

The Organiser accepts no liability in respect to any loss or damage to any goods in breach of this Condition.  The Exhibitor indemnifies the Organiser for any loss caused by its breach of this Condition.


Move-in is subject to a move-in schedule prepared by the Organiser and communicated prior to Move-in. The Organiser will coordinate specific targeted move-in times. All exhibitors are required to complete their booth set-up by 8am on the day of the opening of the Event.


Move-out is subject to a move-out schedule prepared by the Organiser and communicated prior to Move-in. The Organiser will co-ordinate specific targeted move-out times. Breaking down of stands is prohibited until after the show closes. Exhibitors will begin moving out from the close of show on 4pm on the 28 June 2018.


Passes for exhibitors and workers employed during set-up and pack-down are available to exhibitors if required. The validity of these is limited solely to the set-up and pack-down times specified by the Organiser and do not cover admission to the Event.


On-site storage is not available at the Venue. Exhibitors are not permitted to store packing crates and boxes in their stands during the exhibit period; but when properly marked, they can be stored and returned to the stand by the service contractor at an additional cost. It is the exhibitor’s responsibility to mark and identify crates with its company name and stand number. Crates not properly marked or identified may be destroyed. The Organiser assumes no responsibility for the contents of crates or boxes improperly labeled. Additional costs may be incurred for excessive packaging and waste removal.


The safekeeping of the Exhibitor’s property shall remain the responsibility of the Exhibitor.  Every reasonable precaution will be taken to protect the property during installation, exhibit period and pack-down.  However, neither the Organiser, the Venue, service contractors, nor any officers, staff members, volunteers or directors of any of the same are responsible for the safety of the property of exhibits from theft, damage by fire, accident, vandalism or other causes.

Exhibitors are advised to carry insurance to cover exhibit material against damage and loss, and public liability insurance against injury to the person and property of others.

The Exhibitor assumes entire responsibility and liability for losses, damages and claims arising out of injury or damage to its exhibits, displays, equipment and other property bought to the Venue and shall indemnify and hold harmless the Venue’s agents and employees and the Organiser for any all such losses, damages and claims. It is further understood and agreed that the Organiser and the Venue shall in no event be held liable to an Exhibitor for any loss of profits, sales, business opportunities or any other type of direct or consequential damages alleged to be due from a breach of this contract.

The Exhibitor shall obtain and provide to the Organiser, at least 30 days prior to move-in as described herein, an insurance certificate reflecting insurance policies providing Workers Compensation and Public Liability coverage which shall be in effect for the duration of the scheduled Event.


The Organiser is responsible for general cleaning of the grounds and hall aisles. Stand cleaning is the responsibility of exhibitors and must be completed daily before the opening of the Event. Exhibitors are to use the service contractor engaged by the Organiser for stand cleaning, if necessary.


General security is provided by the Venue.

Exhibitors are recommended to make their own arrangements for the security of their stands and exhibition items and effect appropriate insurance cover. Valuable items that can be easily removed should be locked away at night. If desired, additional stand supervision is available at the Exhibitor’s own expense by using a service contractor engaged by the Organiser.


Exhibitors, or their agents, shall not injure or deface the walls or floors of the building, stands or the equipment of the stands. If an Exhibitor breaches this Condition then it will be liable to the owners of the property damaged for any loss caused and indemnify the Organiser against any claims arising in respect of such damage or defacement.


The Organiser is entitled to have photographs, drawings and films made of the Event, exhibits and event construction and stands and to use these for publicity or media purposes at its sole discretion.   This also applies to photographs produced directly by the press or television with the consent of the Organiser.

Exhibitors are not permitted to produce photographs, drawing and films of the stands and exhibits of other exhibitors.


Personal data is collected, processed and used by the Organiser and, if applicable, by service partners for the purpose of providing support and information for customers and potential customers and for handling the services offered.

The Exhibitor consents to the storage, processing and use of its data transferred with the application form by the Organiser and, if applicable, by service partners for events and information purposes. This consent may be cancelled by notifying the Organiser at any time.


If, as a result of circumstances beyond its control (including but not limited to strikes, labour disputes, accidents, governmental restrictions on or regulation of travel, commodities or supplies, acts of war, cyclones, fire, flood, explosion, storm, terrorism and acts of God) (Force Majeure Events) the Organiser is prevented from holding the Event, then the Organiser may, in its sole discretion:

  • Cancel the Event and refund to the Exhibitor all monies paid by the Exhibitor to the Organiser; or
  • Reschedule the Event for a later date.

If the Organiser reschedules the Event then Exhibitors will be entitled to cancel their participation in the rescheduled Event within two weeks of receiving notification of the new Event date, in which case they are entitled to a refund of the Stand Rental and Additional Costs.

If the Organiser must cancel the Event as a result of a Force Majeure Event after the Event has commenced, the Exhibitor will not be entitled to any refund of the Stand Rental or Additional Costs.


The Exhibitor’s participation in the Event is subject to these Terms and Conditions, the Exhibitor Information Kit, and technical and other conditions notified to the Exhibitor before the Event begins.

If additional exhibition services are provided through a Service Partner in response to a separate order, the general terms and conditions of business of the respective Service Partner shall prevail over these Terms and Conditions in case of discrepancies.


The Organiser reserves the right to:

  • Cancel, postpone or relocate the Event;
  • Shorten or lengthen the Event;
  • Allocate the Exhibitor a Stand in a different location at the Event to that which was previously communicated; or
  • Modify the dimensions of the Exhibitor’s Stand.

If the Organiser postpones or relocates the Event then Exhibitors will be entitled to cancel their participation in the Event at the rescheduled or relocated Event within two weeks of receiving notification of such change, in which case they are entitled to refund of the Stand Rental and Additional Costs.

The Exhibitor will not be entitled to cancel their participation at the Event where the Organiser allocates it a Stand in a different location at the Event to that which was previously communicated.

If the Organiser modifies the dimensions of the Exhibitor’s Stand by more than 10% of the gross area then the Exhibitor will be entitled to cancel their participation at the Event and receive a refund of the Stand Rental and Additional Costs.  However, if the Exhibitor proceeds to use the Stand then they will be deemed to have agreed to the variation of its dimensions and will not be entitled to receive any refund of the Stand Rental or Additional Costs.


Alcohol will be available on premise and will comply with the Liquor Act 2007(NSW) and the Liquor Regulation 2008 (NSW). Intoxicated persons will be required to leave the premises, without liability to the Organiser.

In accordance with the NSW liquor licensing requirements, the supply and consumption of alcohol is not permitted inside or outside the Venue and it’s loading bay during an exhibition build, breakdown, move-in or move-out.


No-one under 18 years of age (including infants) will be permitted in the Trade Expo. Proof of age in the form of a valid photo ID will be required.